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We produce torch fired enamel beads; made individually, by hand, a few at a time.
  We combine our enamel (glass) beads with semi-precious beads and sterling silver or gold filled clasps to make one of a kind jewelry pieces.
 Come on in and see for yourself....

Our original designs are handcrafted of vitreous (glass) enamels on a metal base, and are fired individually with a torch (or in a kiln)
at approximately
1400 degrees.
These handmade enamel beads are available individually, or as earrings, bracelets, pendants, chokers,or
necklaces. Many people feel that gemstones have individual spiritual powers; you can wear these for a little positive re-enforcement,
or just because of their good looks!
Currently, our work can be purchased at

Allegheny Gallery
2849 Leechburg Road
Lower Burrell,PA 15068

pqbeads enamel beads
amethyst, rose quartz, mother of pearl, aventurine, onyx,  jade, jasper, fluorite, lapis, carnelian,  jasper, rhodonite,
 hematite, rock crystal, yellow quartz, crystal
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