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Good sites to see..check them out!!

Allan Heywood, an enamelist from Australia, has put together an
online newsletter for enamelists and those interested in vitreous enamel.  

Thompson Enamel's main product is jewelry enamel.  Since about 1985, Thompson Enamel has been the only manufacturer
of jewelry enamel in the western hemisphere.

The Enamelist Society, Inc. is a volunteer arts organization founded in 1987 by Woodrow Carpenter for the purpose of
promoting the art of enameling. It has members world-wide.

The Gem and Jewelry World's foremost Resource on The Internet. Open to the public, Free of Charge!
"We are here to build a strong pool of information for the benefit of Web's jewelers and craftsmen - and those interested in jewelry and gemstones."

Serious Study of all beads with  the emphasis on people.  The World's Biggest Bead Bookstore.  Center for Bead Research. http://www.thebeadsite.com

Rita Okrent: ancient glass and stone beads; collectors beads; African trade beads; amazonite, amber, and coral beads; glass beads,
 pendants, and clasps; small Egyptian antiquities; one-of-a-kind, original necklaces.

Our good friend Wayne Meyers has recently received a Heart Transplant; here's his site!